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Blue Floras, established in January 2018 by a group of technology enthusiasts on a mission to bring out the innovative solutions and services in all GCC countries along with global partners. Blue Floras is a successful, privately owned independent company and holds its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, with offices in KSA and India with top business process management saudi arabia and Uae.

Blue floras is always keen on having strong customer based approach and continuous quest for high-class quality and having unmatched capabilities across all fields of Software, IOT and other technologies. Our highly respected partners work with thousands of clients in multiple geographies and business verticals ranging from small to global enterprises as well as all public sector, education and retail. Blue Floras with the top business process management saudi arabia and uae help clients to become more effective in their ability to respond to business and competitive needs.


Today, users expect to be able to access services anywhere, any time. In order to meet this goal, Blue Floras is innovating solutions that will integrate existing and emerging technologies with all industry leading best practices and methodologies to ensure reliable access. We are convinced that innovation & customer collaboration go hand-in-hand. Driven by our passion for creating a superior positioning standard & thereby working closely with our partners across various industries, Blue Floras has made a viable solution across many different type of cases, as proven in our highly sought out school bus tracking system in Saudi Arabia. We offer precise, end-to-end tracking and accurate, real-time, and historical locations for devices, people, and all things. Power-efficient, reliable positioning enables tracking on a truly global scale using BLE beacon, RFID & UWB technologies.


Over three decades of combined experience enables us to work with our clients to navigate through the often conflicting myriad of technologies and service offerings.

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