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ECPlus-Design (Smart Cloud Engineer)

ECPlus Design is a cloud-based software solution for Civil and Structural design engineers built on SaaS model by a team of domain experts from design consultancies and construction.  

Our Mission

Engineering firms, consultants and practicing engineers generally need access to multiple desktop software to meet their engineering design requirements. Eventually, upfront expenses on setting up the IT infrastructure, maintenance, acquiring the software and staff training are often a deterrent for small to medium organizations. Our mission is to address these issues in a holistic approach, under a single roof, in a way that technically competent design solutions are collectively made available through cloud computing at an affordable cost and is easily accessible to every aspirant engineer and professionals thus eliminating the drawbacks of conventional software.

Smart Cloud Engineer

ECPlus design Online Civil Structural Calculations No Download – No Installation – Access Instantly

Design Calculations


Mat Foundation Dynamic Foundation Horizontal Vessel Foundation Storage Tank Foundation


RC Beams RC Slab RC Corbel RC Pit


Monorail Beam Crane Gantry Girder Baseplate


Lintel Analysis Masonry Bearing Wall Masonry Column  


EC Drive is the user dashboard, and it is an integrated environment for browsing Calculations and the user files.

Access Calculations in Almost No Time

Login or Sign up to access the calculation instantly, store your calculation files in cloud and access them through any devise by using any web browsers.


All ECPLUS Applications are listed  in categories such as Concrete, Foundation, Steel and Masonry for easy identification.

Files and Folders

All the job files are stored in the cloud with the option of grouping them in folders.


The recently opened applications and files appear here for quick access.
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Getting Started

How to access ECPLUS Calculations?

Login or Sign up on the website www.ecplusdesign.com to access the calculation instantly. As all the calculated files are on cloud, no need to download your files when you login next time.

Professional Design Calculations

If you are looking for modern civil and structural calculation applications and generating reports, this is the right tool we have developed for. ·      Intuitive, easy, and quick ·      Powerful features ·      Detailed Calculation Report ·      Boost the productivity – Accelerate the Project Delivery ·      Accurate and reliable And the list of calculations grows periodically.

A common view of the calculation

Sample Report


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