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We offer three various solutions which cater all kind of HR attendance use cases such as in office, field employees & plant/warehouse/factory workforce. Blue Floras introduce real time employee tracking and attendance solutions in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Pure Smartphone app for tracking and managing field employees, including route tracking and distance traveled calculations.
App for monitoring field employees, sales teams, delivery agents and mobile workforce.

  1. Automatic Location Sharing
  2. Without any manual intervention required, the bdField Force application intelligently captures the presence of your field teams within their shift hours. Download the app and you’re ready to go!

  3. Reports and Analytics
  4. The bdField Force web dashboard makes sense of millions of data points and provides access to summary reports and analytics so that your organization can take informed, data driven decisions.

  5. Real-time Information
  6. The platform updates in real-time so you can track employee current location, monitor their meeting schedules, allocate tasks smartly and respond to field emergencies in real-time!

  7. Offline Support
  8. In case your field employees are frequently in areas of poor connectivity, you need not worry! The bdField Force app works offline and stores all data locally, which syncs later when network connectivity is available.

  9. Easy Integration
  10. bdField Force can be integrated with your existing applications and software. Our light SDK and back-end infrastructure plays well with other technologies.

Smartphone app for managing employee and visitor presence automatically in the office (with tracking of employee time and breaks); this is used along with low energy Bluetooth beacons placed at key locations within the offices/ frequently visited locations.

Easy, flexible and low-maintenance, with Bluetooth beacons that last long and are affordable. This solution improves employee productivity while providing rich analytics and usable reports at the click of a button.

  1. Continuous Presence Management
  2. bdAttendance allows you to track employee in/out times automatically and also record time spent in office. Easy to use, efficient and effective, bdAttendance eliminates employee time theft and provides you with an accurate record for payroll calculation.

  3. Low-cost and flexible
  4. Spending time, money and effort on traditional biometric attendance systems is a waste when bdAttendance provides a solution which requires no heavy hardware installations, no constant upkeep and annual maintenance costs.

  5. Works Offline
  6. Our platform works offline, so even if you lose Internet connectivity, your presence data will be captured. Whenever you reconnect to the Internet, all locally stored data will be updated and available for download and analysis on the web dashboard.

  7. Hackproof
  8. Our Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are hack proof and secure. Further, our platform has built in security checks to avoid buddy punching, attendance fraud and theft. A foolproof solution for your in-office employees.

  9. Automatic Attendance
  10. Why stand and wait in line to punch in and punch out? With bdAttendance, your presence in office gets marked automatically as you walk in and out. It’s so simple, you don’t even need to think about it.

Premium Mobility-Independent platform for employee, visitor and asset presence management in factory/plant/project sites using Internet of Things (IOT) devices, wearable, and seamless cloud connectivity. This encompasses ‘zones’ with adjustable coverage areas and provisions of authorization and safety alerts, SOS/ Panic Buttons in events of sudden evacuation or emergencies. This solution is available in the following 2 variants:

  1. - IOT Readers for basic zone-wise presence management
  2. - Locators for Real Time Location Service (RTLS) with up to sub meter accuracy and 1 second latency

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