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Events like trade fairs or a conference are the important tool for strategic marketing and communication used by companies of every size. Event Organizers constantly look for innovative ways to display the products, invite inspiring speakers for conferences, or include exciting facts to create a unique memorable environment.

But in an increasingly digital world, what can you do to add more space to the exciting experience? Being the top event and exhibition visitor management system in Saudi Arabia and UAE, we know that technological advancements can be at the heart of creating a memorable and interactive event.

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) and Proximity Technologies using Beacons can give users a more engaging experience when attending your event.

1.Eliminate queues for purchasing tickets or registration 
Beacon Technology with mobile apps is being used for frustration-free entry or registration to an event.

2. Monitor and Manage event crowds 
Beacon technology or RFID is a boon for crowd management. Real-time heat maps can be generated which will help you to get feeds of crowd gathering, movement of participants in an event and proactively inform the visitors about an important event. Let’s consider a use case where you would want to warn attendees about an overcrowded zone or co-ordinate traffic during show-times by reminding the attendees.

3.Send Contextual information 
Large events can be overwhelming for the visitors or attendees and what if the stall owner decides to give a 20% discount on all his organic healthcare products for the next one hour. How do the people near the stall or passing the stall would know about the offer? Or, the Amphitheatre was hosting a presentation what your visitors would have loved to join but didn’t know about it. Beacon technology combined with mobile apps will help the event organizers to notify people about what comes next in the venue and access what’s available right when it matters.

4.Collect Event Intelligence 
The attendees received personalized notifications and benefitted by a machine-learning recommendation system. Moreover, exhibitors were able to connect with attendees and bring them to their stands. Finally, location and audience analytics provided event organizers with the necessary knowledge to improve future events.

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